If you would like to get in touch with us, please use the contact form below.  Please give as much information as possible about your project if you have questions about rates for songs, production process, scheduling or technical details.

The number of emails that we receive that only say “how much for one song” is getting a little overwhelming… Don’t get me wrong, we love recording singles, but the time to record them ranges from 2 to 20 hours per song, so you will need to give us more info so we can provide an accurate quote.

We are super friendly and love giving tours of the studio, but we ask that you make an appointment before showing up.  We do NOT accept walk-ins, so please book in advance and we would be happy to show you around and talk about your project.  This is out of respect for our clients who are in the studios working on their art and most likely do not want people walking into their session to see the rooms.