Studio A at Audio Valley operates primarily as a music production facility, and it has been designed with acoustics and “vibe” as the priority.  The live room is 33″ x 22″ and has 3 isolation booths/amp rooms.  It is possible to record large bands and even small orchestras comfortably.  The tracking rooms are designed for sonic flexibility, and have a large number of movable acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings, as well as mobile acoustic dividers.  This gives us the capability of having a dry, controlled sound for one session, and have huge room sounds and ambience for another.

The control room is quite large, but still has a comfortable at home kind of feel (if your home is full of rack gear and mixing consoles…).  It is 22″ x 24″, and there is plenty of room for a whole band to attend mixing and tracking sessions without feeling claustrophobic or having to share couch cushions.


Studio B is a vocal, overdub and mixing room that is equipped with the same calibre of high end gear as studio A, but has a smaller footprint.  There is one live room (15 x 9) and one control room (15 x 17).  The difference in price has to do with the physical size, and not the quality!  We get amazing sounding results in both rooms.

Take a peek at our photos, but keep in mind that booking a tour and seeing the space for yourself is the best way to decide if you would be comfortable working in the environment.



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